The State Property Fund of Ukraine has begun forming the supervisory board of JSC “Energy Company of Ukraine”

The State Property Fund of Ukraine is the governing body overseeing 100% of the shares of the state energy trader JSC’Energy Company of Ukraine’ (ECU). A competitive selection process has been initiated for the positions of three independent members of ECU’s supervisory board. The interested candidates may submit their applications until July 11, 2024.

The qualified candidates for the ECU supervisory board must have professional experience in one of the following areas:

  • trading of power and/or gas;
  • corporate, civil, and/or economic law;
  • finance, business economics, accounting, and/or auditing.

According to the ECU charter, the supervisory board consists of five members: three independent members and two state representatives.

It is expected that the process of forming the ECU supervisory board will be completed by the end of July.

“ECU is one of the leaders in power trading in Ukraine, with a great potential for sustainable dynamic growth in bothdomestic and international energy markets. The company’s strategy incudes the expansion into European energy markets, increasing its share in supplying energy resources to Ukrainian enterprises and implementing strategic projects to ensure the security of supply to Ukraine’s strategic enterprises. We expect that forming a professional supervisory board for ECU will strengthen the company’s successful growth in competitive energy markets.”- stated Vitaliy Koval, Head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine.

You can find detailed information about the competitive selection and submit an application at the following link:

For reference:

JSC ‘Energy Company of Ukraine’ (ECU) is a national energy trading company that provides a wide range of market-based solutions for purchasing, selling, and supplying energy resources to commercial clients. ECU ranks among the top 5 electricity traders in Ukraine and is one of the leaders in cross-border and green electricity trading. ECU established the first state balancing group of electricity market participants, now the second largest in Ukraine. The company’s clients generate 10% of Ukraine’s GDP. ECU is fully owned by the Ukrainian State through the State Property Fund of Ukraine.


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